FMCAssist Emergency Medical Evacuation
Posted 2011-02-26 10:38 PM (#1366)
Subject: FMCAssist Emergency Medical Evacuation


Location: Cottage Grove, OR
Not all members of the FMC Owners Club realize that they have some signifcant benefits as a result of their membership in our parent organization, FMCA.  To see the complete list and description of benefits go to and the Member/Benefits tab.  To ensure that all FMC Owners Club members have access to the description of the Emergency Medical Evacuation program and the cards that you should print and carry with you, I have attached the file describing that program.
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Posted 2011-03-02 12:10 PM (#1369 - in reply to #1366)
Subject: Re: FMCAssist Emergency Medical Evacuation


Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
The file Stephen refers to was too large to attach to our forum. I've uploaded it here:
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