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LCAC_Man #1027 LBZ Duramax Conversion
Author: LCAC_Man (Show all albums)

This album will cover the Duramax/Allison conversion(including dash cluster integration), installation of airbags to assist suspension, conversion of vacuum brakes to Hydroboost, replacement of Onan gas generator with a Onan/Cummins 5500LP, inverter/charger installation, dual roof a/c installation, and Bedroom reconfiguration that will add "pass-thru" storage.
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Vertical crack, plastic weld repair. Tanks are fully filled and have been for 3 days without a drip, so I'm claiming victory. Only $100 to replace all three fittings, weld repair the crack and install two patches in the wheel well area where some misguided fool shot steel rivets in it and covered it with sealant..

Fresh water tank work completed, I now have a proper drain in the bottom(not the side) of the tank. You can see in the foreground the section of the belly pan is cut away right below the doorway. I'm going to attempt to recess the power step assy to keep the ground clearance as high as possible.

I used some 2x2 aluminum angle as a mount and to provide some protection to the drain tube.

during the installation of my new tank level panel I was testing some of the house power circuits, this is what is left of the bathroom lighting harness..

New KIB Micro Monitor panel, easy to get to and provides a second water pump switch between the kitchen and bathroom

Had to cut a new access opening in the bathroom/hall wall to replace the damaged lighting wires.

After having the propane on for a few days I noticed a slight scent of it inside the coach, it was just enough to make me aware of a leak. After multiple attempts with soapy water spray I spent $15 for a gas detector and found the leak in two minutes. One of the shut off valves under the sink area had an ever so small leak from the stem/handle. I replaced both, that configuration of valve(1/2"male pipe to 3/8" male flare) is not easy to find but I got a pair on ebay for $20 shipped.

New Shakespeare Sea Watch 3019(19") OTA HDTV antenna installed. I picked this location because it was clear of everything else on the roof and more importantly directly above the microwave enclosure which is right above where we'll put the TV on the counter.

I used a Pacific Aerials P6078 stainless 4" mount to keep the overall height about the same as the air conditioners. Total cost for the antenna and mount was just under $110.

Signal amplifier that came with the antenna. I ran a cable up to the dash and used a Motorola to F-Connector adapter to plug it into my stereo antenna input so I won't have to run a separate radio antenna.

New 4qt Windshield wash tank/pump installed in the original House battery enclosure. I use the windshield wash a lot on my vehicles so the original small setup just wasn't going to work for me.

New double jet nozzles on both sides on new mount brackets so they are in a better position for coverage of the wiper area. Not to mention actually being able to reach them now..
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