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934 efi
(4 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2020-07-03)

pro flo 4 xt

#846 - Cummins Swap
(51 Photos, 10 Comments : Last updated 2020-06-29)

Howdy Folks!

Going to give this another try as my first attempt didn't go so well on the 'Diner-conversion' thread (Will update/edit that soon).

Started my Cummins swap by pulling off the bumper; only took better part of an hour. That sucker is HEAVY! Better part of a 100 lbs I bet. Will be looking to knock substantial weight off that baby while still retaining a 5000 lb towing standard.

This will take a while as it will unfold as time and resources permit, so please be patient.

More pics and hopefully some videos (FMC-TV) to follow.


Cross Reference List for Parts for my FMC
(7 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2020-05-26)

I have books and books of documents, found this cross reference list for #86

#477 Cruiser Engine
(45 Photos, 20 Comments : Last updated 2020-05-24)

Engine rebuild

Woodland Farms
(13 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2020-05-20)

Electric parts inside engine compartment

Tank Girl
Swamp Thing #1036
(12 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2020-05-07)

Purchased 4/27/2020 in Winchester, OH

Tank Girl
Tank Girl #484
(4 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2020-05-07)

Purchased 4/23/2020 in Dayton, OH

74 FMC for parts with alcoa's For Sale
(0 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2020-02-07)

#477 Part II
(119 Photos, 44 Comments : Last updated 2019-12-02)

Chey Truck wheel MOD for FMC use.
(2 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2019-11-30)

This drawing by IZZY (FMC #263) is for machining a 10 bolt Chevy MEDIUM truck aluminum rim to fit a stock FMC using stock FMC type lug nuts. This has been done SUCCESSFULLY without any problems.

FMC #324
(71 Photos, 14 Comments : Last updated 2019-11-25)

I will be posting some pictures of 324 during my time working on it.

Brake Job and Redesign
(51 Photos, 5 Comments : Last updated 2019-11-08)

standard brake job plus the addition of electric powered hydroboost system for the rear brakes

#477 Electrical system
(46 Photos, 28 Comments : Last updated 2019-11-05)

Mega Rally at Minden, NB June 25-29, 2020
(1 Photo, 0 Comments : Last updated 2019-10-10)

This will be the photo album where I will post pictures of the rally after it has happened. For now, here is picture of the portion of the campground where we will be staying.

West Coast Oregon Rally September 2019
(44 Photos, 1 Comment : Last updated 2019-10-05)

We had a great time at this year's Oregon rally. We had two new attendee's that had not been to any previous rallies. One was a very recent purchaser and the other wished he had been to FMC rallies earlier. Good times and lots of learning happen at rallies! Photos are by Stephen Heinrichs and Helen Wolfe

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