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#846 Canadian Coach
Author: andy1canada (Show all albums)

J-Model, mostly stock. Calls Vancouver Island home. 19.5" custom steel wheels with SS wheel covers (thanks again Dale!). Planning an HT-413' conversion with an overdrive.
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My 'Baby'! She's cryin' for paint but comin' along slow but sure...

3-point seat-belt finished. Used a 3/8" rivet-nut installed without the special (read: expensive) mandrel tool. I did it with two 9/16" box-end wrenches and although it remains to be seen how it holds up, my hunch is it has great purchase.

Here's the 3/8" riv-nut with the 3/8" x 1 1/4" cap screw fully inserted with a 3/8" nut also in line. This is ready to insert into the 17/32" inch hole. Correct hole size is crucial.

In the hole ready for the wrenches. Ignore the extra hole to the right. I could find no cabin frame reference for targeting the hole, so this was the first 'exploratory' venture. Turned out it was only inner skin thickness. I wanted frame structure. Consider this as #846 'taking one for the team'. Found the square tube frame an inch to the left. See measurements following.

I tried different wrenches/sockets etc. I found this worked best. The idea is to be sure the screw and nut are hand-tight all the way into the riv-nut before you start. With this method I was able to simultaneously hold the works tight against the wall while holding the cap screw stationary with one wrench as you move the other to tighten the nut down which causes the riv-nut to collapse & expand in the hole.

I centered the hole @ 1 1/4" off the window frame. The right side of the square alum-frame tube is at approx 1 7/8" off the window frame; so, you could go about 1 1/2" off the window. I sat my wife in the seat before I chose the elevation for the anchor. This is approx 25" - 26" above the top of the seat cushion. Got another bloody hole to fill now...

New countertop and table.

This is the objective. Had the wife sit where she was comfortable then marked center of her back with the masking tape.

Pulled a full length pc of tape along the center of the top of the seat. This is important as you need to hit the center of what I figure is a strip of mild strap iron about 1 1/2" wide x 1/8" thick on top of a 2"x4" standing on edge. Once I cut (super sharp razor knife) through the fabric (make about a 1" 'X'), the batting then the foam on top of the steel, I center-punched the steel to keep the drill lined-up.
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