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#846 - Cummins Swap
Author: andy1canada (Show all albums)

Howdy Folks!

Going to give this another try as my first attempt didn't go so well on the 'Diner-conversion' thread (Will update/edit that soon).

Started my Cummins swap by pulling off the bumper; only took better part of an hour. That sucker is HEAVY! Better part of a 100 lbs I bet. Will be looking to knock substantial weight off that baby while still retaining a 5000 lb towing standard.

This will take a while as it will unfold as time and resources permit, so please be patient.

More pics and hopefully some videos (FMC-TV) to follow.

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Trans cross-member next. As the 12-valve & 47RH will be sitting substantially lower than the old 440'/727 did, the trans x-member needs to be suspended 1" or more lower below the chassis. I'm doing this by cutting off the OEM horizontal 'wings' on each end and replacing them with longer pcs of angle iron, bored & machined for the mount bolts.

Coat of rust paint brushed on and ready for test fit. (fast forward): As I mentioned, I still have work to do on this as we've discovered the engine needs to sit about 1" higher and I'm also going to add another gusset to each side on the horizontal plane to beef it up some for piece of mind. Rad support arms will be added after final engine placement is confirmed.

Added 3/16" gussets to each side. May add more later. Note: drilled 3/16" drain holes in bottom through the bottom 3x3 up into the small hortz pc also. Anywhere that ends up airtight should be vented I figure.

Strangely, the 12V Cummins (P-pump engine) mounts are about 1" higher and an inch or so farther back towards the trans on one side. You can sort of make that out looking at the mount from this view. Again, I'll try and reference these measurements in a drawing later.

Ready for final weld and gusset(s).

I plan to reinforce the old 'hoop-mount' for good measure later on, but I may also end up running the exhaust through it again - like the good old days - so for now it'll have to wait.

Next: after the engine mounts were welded and attached to the engine - with the engine/trans blocked in final position - and the engine mount cross-member temporarily bolted in place, I tack-welded both 2"x3"x 1/4" box steel horizontal mount support bars in place (yep, when you design your own shit - you get to name it!)

Engine mounts (coach side)5/16" plate ready to weld. As I've discovered these mounts need to be revised to hold the engine an inch or so higher, I'm showing these now to stay in the order of how I arrived at where I ended up. Does that make any sense? I'll include dimensions in the final drawing when I get to it.
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