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#477 Electrical system
Author: Duramaxer (Show all albums)

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This is how thing look like behind the front. Window washer pump and tank is missing.


The ThermoKing is taken out. Cleaned up ready to put in new sealant everywhere.

And some of that same liquid thermal and aqustic insulation as used in the bedroom. This is after the first coating.I will go with three layers of this. I think it's quite simular to the "Lizardskin" that I have seen advertised over there. If I where to start all over I would have done the whole inside of the coach.

Added some flexible tubing for routing wires. This will make it better to work on the el after the insulation and fiberglass front is put back on. The orange tube is for the main harness, a couple of smaller ones for lights, signal horn and washer pump and also one tube for the gearshift cable.

Had to take a look at the ac/heater unit while having it out of the coach. Quite a nice unit to work on. The blowers tested ok, just needed a clean up.

This is the heater core. There is some foam ment to prevent ais from blowing down the outside of the core.

After picture was taken i cleaned up both cores and glued on some new Armalflex insulation to the heater core. The ac core had rubber on the sides and this could be reused.

Good thing I stripped the whole unit. This picture is taken looking down the bottom part and it is like a tray collecting the condense water from the ac, and there is two outlets. Close to one of the two outlets there is a hole from rust and this would make the condes water leak out on the floor inside the coach. That would be a very bad thing so I will weld, sanblast and have it coated with some epoxy paint.

"New" window washer and viper setup. New washer tank and pump like the old one. New double nozzels and modyfied wiper arms to take "modern" wipers. Motors are fine, one was changed back in Illinois.

These are the original stainless arms. I drilled the rivet attaching the original clip and secured the newer style clip whith a 4mm inhex screw in that same hole. Whit this setup I managed to use a 22" blade on the passenger side and a 21" on drivers side. i think I can recomend this mod. It gives a little more "wiped areal" and with new clips and blades it's like in any normal newer car; tight and silent. Also I will not have to worry about the wipers coming loose again sctatching my new windshields.

Got some original style fuse blocks from a marine store.
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