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#846 - Cummins Swap
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Well, there they are. 20 lbs in the left and just over 40 on the right side resting on the wheels. Can't see any obvious deflection in the arms yet. Will check in later to advise on how these worked out. Note: another potential issue that I won't be able to confirm until I get the wheels on the ground again and roll it, is the amount of clearance I left between the outer prop-shaft U-joints and the spring-arm mount beam; it ended up being very close and I hope it don't become an issue or I'll have to fab-up new arms with more clearance. Once the engine swap is done I should be able to go to the weigh scales and weigh the front and back axle loads with the air-spings inflated vs deflated to determine weight transfer effectiveness. This was a tough job for me and if it works out I hope it helps someone, someday, sometime... somewhere.

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