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The Dieselfication of Coach 1046
Author: BigRabbitMan (Show all albums)

This album is dedicated to following the process of Coach #1046 being converted from a 1976 Chrysler 440-I with a 4spd Allison AT540 transmission to a 2006 GMC Duramax LBZ turbo diesel with a 6spd Allison 1000 double overdrive transmission. There is a companion discussion thread in the Mechanic's Corner section of the Forum area of this site.
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..... this fan. As you can seen, I upgraded to a 9 blade, 24" fan that will move significantly more air. At the same time, to ensure adequate cooling under all circumstances, I also upgraded the radiator from a 2 row to a 5 row.

I also elected to eliminate the viscus fan clutch. To do that we took the original GM clutch and put 3 bolts into it to lock it solid. To do this you drill through the outer case and the inner disc but stop before you drill through the other side. You then tap the holes and disc and then screw the bolts in. You do this one hole at a time to ensure proper lineup of the components.

Here is the new fan mounted on the engine.

Next we reworked the fan shroud to adapt it to the new fan and new radiator. I went back to an original FMC brass radiator. That had the advantage of a better lineup of the fill spout on the radiator with the opening in the back of the coach.

This was being done at Bill Sitton's place in Ignacio, CO as he is a mechanic, has several FMC coaches and has all the tools needed. He is on the left and Larry Enoksen, on the right, is helping.

Here Bill is finishing up securing the new radiator in place.

The larger diameter fan required that the radiator be lower that it's previous position. The transmission coolers are now higher up and more centered on the fan. The coach was then buttoned up and ready to roll. The temperature gauge has not moved since even on steep, long grades so this is the last of the steps to the Dieselfication of 1046!
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