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Coach #1046 ridden by Stephen & Jane
(27 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2011-09-11)

This is where I will be posting various pictures of Coach #1046 and it's travels.

Felton Rally Nov '06
(13 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2006-11-07)

Here are pictures of the 8 FMC (and 1 sob) coaches that attended the rally. Note that the location in the redwoods of California made for great ambiance! Also, the three coaches with the identical spotlight happened to park next to each other. With the L shaped parking arrangement, in addition to the lodge we had a great spot for the fire ring and lots of tall tales and fellowship.

Correct Thermostat for Proper Cooling
(2 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2006-12-02)

This is the top and bottom view of the correct thermostat that if not used, may cause heating problems. It is a Chrysler thermostat.

Spark Plug wires: Problem and cure
(6 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2007-01-12)

A discussion has occured regarding the melting of spark plug wires including the boot at the spark plug. Here are pictures of mine as melted and what was used to stop the problem.

Under lower skin of #975
(32 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2007-02-07)

This coach was at RVS for potential rebuild after being rolled and the lower panels were off so i took some pictures. I also took some pictures of some spots under the ceiling liner as I was trying to trace some of the electrical lines at the time.

California Snow
(5 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2007-03-03)

While not true of all of California, this is the version of snow that #1046 gets to endure! This is a lot different than what #477 is experiencing in Norway.

Duramax Related
(6 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2007-09-18)

This album is for Duramax related pictures.

Replacing the York AC compressor with a Sanden compressor
(18 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2008-03-23)

This album is a pictorial review of the process of replacing the original 2 piston York auto AC compressor with a modern 7 piston Sanden in coach #1046. Due to using a cell phone to take the pictures photo quality is poor, but is much better than a verbal description.

West Coast Buellton-Solvang Mini-Rally
(32 Photos, 1 Comment : Last updated 2008-11-10)

This album has pictures from the West Coast Mini-Rally that was held in November of 2008 in Buellton, CA. Initial photos are by Stephen Heinrichs (BigRabbitMan) and Liza Lee Miller. A good time was had by all with a lot of visiting, eating and crawling in and under the coaches. We all agreed that the facility was good and that we will return. All West Coasters need to plan to be at the next gathering to enjoy the socializing and the amateur mechanical analysis of each of the coaches.

Northern Calif Work Day - Oct 2009
(16 Photos, 1 Comment : Last updated 2009-10-31)

This was a work day to further the preparation of coaches 888 and and 708 for the Felton Rally next week. This was held at the home of 587 in Gilroy. While 1046 got left at home, it's driver was able to come anyway and lend advice and picture taking.

Felton Rally Nov '09
(107 Photos, 2 Comments : Last updated 2009-12-06)

This is the album for a few of the pictures of the rally held in Felton, California Nov 6-8, 2009. We had a total of 10 FMC coaches at the rally and 13 owners for all or part of the rally. The furthest attendees came from over 2,000 miles way and the closest was 5 miles. Regardless of distance, we "met the nicest people" and had a great time. We missed you and hope to see you at the next rally. The photos are the combined effort of Ron and Louise Herbert, Harry and Sandy Day and Stephen Heinrichs.

First Dog movie coach
(2 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2009-01-24)

These are two pictures of coach #0261 which was used in the crash scene of the movie First Dog. The windows had been removed to prevent damage and the fire was actually a "fake fire" so the coach wasn't damaged. These pictures were taken a month after the filming.

Northern Calif Work Day - March 2009
(16 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2009-03-09)

On the 8th of March, three FMC owners were able to get together for a work day at the home of one of the owners in Gilroy, CA. This is the second time we have done this as it gives us the opportunity to share skills and discuss possible means to solve various problems. The three major items done this time was the installation of new high pressure cutoff switches in the auto AC systems of two coaches, locating and fixing the wiring issues of the auto AC of one coach and the removal and cleaning of the burner of one Suburban heater and it's re installation. Also lighting fixtures were replaced and mystery switches had their purpose determined and corrected.

Northern Calif Work Day - May 2009
(15 Photos, 1 Comment : Last updated 2009-06-28)

This was primarily a work day used to further prepare coach 1046 for it's upcoming 4,579.6 mile trip East to the Rt 66 rally and the Four Corners rally.

Rt 66 Rally - 2009
(103 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2009-07-05)

This is a photo gallery of a few of the photos taken by Stephen Heinrichs. The first few pictures document a little of the 2,000 mile trip it took to get to the rally location in Springfield, MO from California. The rest of the pictures document the visits to special attractions arranged by the Rally Master and Route 66 itself. A great time was had by all.

Create a Remote Oil Fill
(5 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2009-07-12)

This album gives a short illustration of how to add a remote oil fill for your 440-I so that it is easy and neat to add oil.

Oregon Mini-Rally 2009
(25 Photos, 1 Comment : Last updated 2009-08-31)

This album has some of the pictures from the rally that was held at Casey's RV Park east of Eugene, OR in August of 2009. The trigger for the rally was the visit west of the Borrmann family from Ontario, Canada. Those of us that were avilable gathered and had a wonderful time. The pictures are by Stephen Heinrichs and Ed Hannevig.

Harmonic Balancer-rubber-old
(5 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2010-01-31)

The attached pictures are of a 30 year old original balancer and shows how they can probably become ineffective for what they are designed to do.

Spare Tire Mount - Front
(6 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2010-02-07)

These are pictures of the mounting assembly that will enable carrying of the spare tire on the front of the coach. Commercially made, brand unknown.

Receiver Hitch on Coach #1046
(6 Photos, 2 Comments : Last updated 2013-05-01)

Originally FMC's did not have hitches. A hitch was developed by FMC that could be retrofitted to the coaches. Later, as receiver type hitches became popular many coaches had their hitch upgraded to the receiver style. Mine was upgraded by RVS of Morgan HIll. These are pictures of the installed hitch.

Northern Calif Work Day - May 2010
(9 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2010-05-10)

Another of the Northern CA workdays was held on May 8 in Gilroy at the home of coach #587. This workday was scheduled to help the Minden Mega Rally targeted coaches prepare for the trip and to just have a good time working on our coaches while trading thoughts and ideas and spinning wrenches and poking around with volt meters. We also enjoyed burgers for lunch and Toni's pasta for dinner.

Collapsible FMC themed Fire Box
(12 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2010-06-11)

Here are a few pictures of the FMC Fire Box that will be won by some lucky ticket buyer at the raffle at the Mega Rally in June. It is cut from 1/8" metal plate with the floor 1/4 metal plate. It slips together and apart with no tools and for storage makes a 3/4" stack that will ride in the bottom of your storage compartment. It will have a high temperature black paint before being used and raffled at the rally.

Timbren Rubber Spring Install
(21 Photos, 22 Comments : Last updated 2017-12-11)

The are the photos that accompany the discussion of the install in the Forum section.

Northern Calif Work Day - Oct 2010
(20 Photos, 3 Comments : Last updated 2010-10-16)

Here are some photos of the Northern California workday held in Gilroy, CA. The attendance was up to 5 coaches. This was a two day affair with a barbeque Saturday night when the "workers" were joined by some additional family members who also brought food for the barbeque. Join us next time!

This workday we took the opprotunity to drive four of the five coaches so that the steering, handling, and brakes of the coaches could be compared. Three or four people drove each of the four coaches that we test drove (coaches 1046, 708, 509 and 888 in that order). After our return, the floor jack assisted in evaluating and discussing the handling and mechanical aspects of the coaches. A lot of good interaction occured.

West Coast Rally - Nov 12-14 Buellton, CA
(36 Photos, 15 Comments : Last updated 2010-11-18)

This is a collection of pictures that show a little of the activities at the rally. We all had a great time renewing old friendships and creating new ones. The photos were taken by Stephen Heinrichs and Eric Whedon.

Adding Features
(15 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2011-07-17)

This album details the process of adding a couple of more convenient water pump switches and a 12 Volt outlet.

West Coast rally at Puddingstone Reservoir - 2012
(39 Photos, 4 Comments : Last updated 2012-02-23)

This album's pictures reveal the good time we had in February, 2012 at the East Shore RV park adjacent to the Puddingstone Reservoir in San Dimas, CA. Our attendees were from northern and southern CA, Arizona and Missouri. The pictures are courtesy of Stephen Heinrichs and Liza Lee Miller.

The Dieselfication of Coach 1046
(379 Photos, 58 Comments : Last updated 2018-01-15)

This album is dedicated to following the process of Coach #1046 being converted from a 1976 Chrysler 440-I with a 4spd Allison AT540 transmission to a 2006 GMC Duramax LBZ turbo diesel with a 6spd Allison 1000 double overdrive transmission. There is a companion discussion thread in the Mechanic's Corner section of the Forum area of this site.

Correcting Voltage Drop
(14 Photos, 6 Comments : Last updated 2011-05-31)

My refrigerator was not working correctly and it was determined that there was too much voltage drop between the domestic batteries and the refrigerator. This album follows the process of correcting the problem.

West Coast Ocean Cove Rally - 2011
(84 Photos, 2 Comments : Last updated 2011-10-05)

This is the album for the rally that was held Sep 30-Oct 2, 2011 in Ocean Cove, CA. A great time was had by all. Please peruse the album so that you can see for yourself why you need to be at the next rally in your area or organize a rally at a location that you like.

Brass FMC Key Fob
(2 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2011-10-09)

Here are pictures of a brass FMC key ring fob. I don't know if all new coach owners got them or if it started somewhere along the line. I expect it was sometime in the middle of production, but have no idea of when. These are pictures of one of three that I know exist.

Stove/Oven Replacement
(29 Photos, 1 Comment : Last updated 2012-12-09)

Due to our use patterns and due to a high sensitivity to hydrocarbon fumes, the decision was made to remove the original stove/oven (sold to another coach owner) and replace it with an electric cooking system. These pictures follow the transformation once the orignal unit was gone.

Colorado Mega Rally - 2012
(112 Photos, 5 Comments : Last updated 2012-10-02)

This album shows a little of what the attendees did at the rally. While the rally was originally scheduled to be at a campground on the edge of Colorado Springs, due to forest fires the rally master, Jim Evans, with the assistance of Harry Day, secured spaces at another campground about 20 miles north. While the facilities were not near as ammendable to a rally, the people and coaches were the same and we had a great time. Don't miss the next rally!

The pictures are a compilation of the efforts of Nuntawan Camrye, Connie Kubiak & Barney Martin, Lynn Clugston, Kathleen Sitton, Greg Miller, Bill Rogers and Stephen Heinrichs.

West Coast Plymouth Rally-Nov 2012
(78 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2012-11-19)

This album illustrates the enjoyment and learning that FMC Coach owners had at the recent rally. We had 9 FMCs and one SOB trailer plus two coach owners without their coaches do to inoperative conditions. The pictures are courtesy of Stephen Heinrichs and Larry Enoksen.

Fuel Gauge Sender Access Hole
(7 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2013-03-17)

For coaches #700 and up, there was an inspection hole provided by the factory. This album provides pictures of that access hole.

West Coast Felton Rally - April 2013
(77 Photos, 1 Comment : Last updated 2013-05-18)

This is an album that shows what a good time we had at the rally in Felton, CA. It is a good location and we expect to be back here in the future so plan ahead. The pictures in this album are courtesy of Stephen Heinrichs, Louise Herbert, Larry Enoksen, and Liza Lee Miller.

West Coast Gold Beach Rally - July 2013
(77 Photos, 6 Comments : Last updated 2013-08-08)

This album covers a little bit of the fun we had at the Gold Beach, OR rally. We had 8 FMC coaches plus three more owners whose coaches were not able to travel at this time. This rally was unusual in that we had a major Saturday activity with a jet boat ride up the Roque River. It was enjoyed by all that could make it. The photos are courtesy of Stephen Heinrichs, Nuntawan Camrye, and Larry Enoksen.

New Kitchen Faucet for 1046
(2 Photos, 2 Comments : Last updated 2013-12-03)

Had to find a new kitchen faucet as the old one failed. Here is the new one.

Bathroom upgrades - 1046
(10 Photos, 0 Comments : Last updated 2013-12-04)

It was time to do a couple of upgrades to the bathroom.

Brake stuff
(4 Photos, 4 Comments : Last updated 2014-02-24)

New master cylinder and front hydrovac

FMC 00001
(4 Photos, 1 Comment : Last updated 2015-11-25)

This is an album to track the restoration of FMC 00001 which was the first production coach. It is owned by Mark Hill and is located in Arkansas. I am posting the pictures as Mark has limited internet availability.

Brake Hose Re-Routing - Rear brakes
(3 Photos, 2 Comments : Last updated 2016-11-11)

Recently, an owner of an FMC was having significant challenges getting the air out of the brakes, particularly the rears. The pictures in this album show the routing of my rear brake hoses which now feed the lower brake cylinder rather than the upper one. This resolved bleeding issues for me and for some others. Note the attachment/securing of the hose to prevent it getting tangled in the drive axel.

West Coast Felton Rally - Sept 2017
(40 Photos, 8 Comments : Last updated 2017-09-26)

Another fun and learning time was experienced at the Felton Rally. There were eight coaches present with the first appearance by one coach and the first rally for two owners.

West Coast Castaic Rally Feb 2018
(30 Photos, 2 Comments : Last updated 2018-03-12)

Here are a few pictures of the West Coast Rally held in Feb 2017. This is the second time we have held a rally at this location which has good facilities for a rally with the circle layout and roomy spaces. We took up half of the circle.

Closet Shelves added
(16 Photos, 4 Comments : Last updated 2018-03-15)

I recently observed some shelves on the back wall of the closet in coach #400. Since the closet is deeper than needed for hanging clothes, it appeared to be a good spot to add some narrow shelves for storage of various things. So here are pictures of how I added shelves to my coach #1046.

FMC 254 being converted to a BeaverTail promotion vehicle
(13 Photos, 1 Comment : Last updated 2018-03-29)

Coach 254 was getting a little tired when Grant Hooker of Ottawa, Canada purchased it to convert it to a vehicle that would promote BeaverTail pastries in the local area to various corporate or private events. Grant and Pam own FMC 890 as their traveling coach and are the founders of BeaverTail Pastries, Inc.

Chama Mega Rally 2018
(47 Photos, 4 Comments : Last updated 2018-07-07)

This is an album that tries to give you a little taste of what it is like to attend a rally. What is not here is all the information exchanged during the many conversations.

West Coast Oregon Rally Oct 2018
(44 Photos, 2 Comments : Last updated 2018-10-23)

This album is a sample of what we did and enjoyed at the rally at Casey's Riverside RV Park near Oak Fir, OR. We ended up with seven FMC's, and two SOB's out of the twelve people that originally intended to attend. Coach and life issues sometimes come ahead of rallies! The photos are by Stephen Heinrichs, Larry Enoksen, Helen Wolfe, and Jim Steinborn.

FMC 448
(25 Photos, 2 Comments : Last updated 2018-11-23)

This coach is located as of 2018 in Highpoint, NC and is, as of now, still owned by its original owner. It is driven locally every month to keep it exercised. It is currently, as of Nov 2018, for sale for $25,000.

West Coast Oregon Rally September 2019
(44 Photos, 1 Comment : Last updated 2019-10-05)

We had a great time at this year's Oregon rally. We had two new attendee's that had not been to any previous rallies. One was a very recent purchaser and the other wished he had been to FMC rallies earlier. Good times and lots of learning happen at rallies! Photos are by Stephen Heinrichs and Helen Wolfe

Mega Rally at Minden, NB June 24-27, 2021
(1 Photo, 0 Comments : Last updated 2019-10-10)

This will be the photo album where I will post pictures of the rally after it has happened. For now, here is picture of the portion of the campground where we will be staying.

West Coast Oregon Rally October 2020
(39 Photos, 5 Comments : Last updated 2021-01-02)

This photo album shows a few things that we did at the rally. The main thing was that we were able to meet new people, some new owners, and visit with old friends that we knew from previous rallies. Much time was spent just visiting and exchanging information and stories. Some parts changed hands as well. The pictures were provided by Stephen Heinrichs, Vicki Alstrom and Joe Johnson.

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