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The Dieselfication of Coach 1046
Author: BigRabbitMan (Show all albums)

This album is dedicated to following the process of Coach #1046 being converted from a 1976 Chrysler 440-I with a 4spd Allison AT540 transmission to a 2006 GMC Duramax LBZ turbo diesel with a 6spd Allison 1000 double overdrive transmission. There is a companion discussion thread in the Mechanic's Corner section of the Forum area of this site.
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Here is a closer view of the engine and transmission.

The transmission will have to come off and have the tail shaft and it's housing changed from one for a 4x4 to a 4x2 with driveline brake.

See the bolt pattern that fits the four wheel drive transfer case (previously removed).

The transmission has now been separated.

Mark is looking satisfied after a long day with the transmission in my pickup ready to go to the Allison dealer for the conversion.

Meanwhile, Eric is back under the donor vehicle getting the last of the wiring harness loose.

This is the transmision I.D. plate which gives the model and the internal configeration.

Here is part of the wiring harness. It may look complicated but if you look close you will see a bunch of little white tags near the end of each branch. That is a tag that tells us where it connects. When we put everything together in the coach, it is just a matter of reading the tags and everything will be in the correct place.

Here is the front of the engine. You have been looking at this end.

Here is the back of the engine. You haven't seen this end yet. Notice the nicely formed shielding that covers all of the exhaust manifolds and pipes. The exhaust gas half of the turbo is under the flat shielding on the top of the engine. Everything is very compact.

I took the driveline parking brake down and had it refreshed. The brake shoes were relined, new springs and cleaned. It also required a new drum. You can see the difference in the thickness of the old and new drums.

Earlier I told you to note the bolt pattern of the rear of the transmission. Here is the new bolt pattern. These four bolts hold the backing plate for the driveline brake. Just to the right of that flange, you will see a small, round indentation in the casting. That is the pivot point for the parking brake lever. Details, details, details!!
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