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The Dieselfication of Coach 1046
Author: BigRabbitMan (Show all albums)

This album is dedicated to following the process of Coach #1046 being converted from a 1976 Chrysler 440-I with a 4spd Allison AT540 transmission to a 2006 GMC Duramax LBZ turbo diesel with a 6spd Allison 1000 double overdrive transmission. There is a companion discussion thread in the Mechanic's Corner section of the Forum area of this site.
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This is coach 1046 in Springfield, MO in 2009. This is the coach that will be receiving an engine and transmission transplant from ......

...... this lovely vehicle! These four photos are here to give you an idea of where the parts will be coming from.

And by "parts", I mean a lot more than just the engine and transmission.

A "gently rolled" donor vehicle was desired as in addition to the drive train the cooling "stack" (AC condenser, radiator and intercooler) will be transfered as well.

But the real challenge will be the transfer of the entire GMC dash cluster with all dash gauges and other modern computerized engine diagnostics still intact and functioning. All the little parts are needed to do the transformation and retain full functionality.

The actual work of removing the frontal area of the donor GMC was tedious but went well. All things that were disconnected that might be needed later were tagged. Some items are being tagged for eventual sale on eBay or Craig's List. Note that the fan rotates in the opposite direction of normal because of it's position in the drive sequence of the serpentine belt.

Here we finally get down to the front of the actual Duramax 6.6L engine. Note that the fan and it's pulley attach to the engine just above the crankshaft pulley. On the upper right is the second 145 amp alternator we will be installing. Here it is just test fitted to check for placement. Can you decifer the serpentine belt routing including the imaginary fan pully?

Here is the engine's right side (will become the driver's side in the FMC). This is the "busy side" of the engine with EGR, fuel filter, fuel heating, intake air heating and other things on this side. Most of it will not be touched by us as it will stay attached and move with the engine.

Here is the backside of the fan and it's pulley as removed from the engine. Again, note the opposite pitch of the fan blades. Also note that the fan shroud incorporates stator vanes to slow air rotation and improve air movement.

This is the test fitting of the second alternator that we are adding. Since this engine had a second alternator as a factory option, I felt that it would be good to incorporate it into this application. The orignal alternator will be dedicated to the chasiss system and second alternator will be dedicated to the house system. I already have manual switches in my coach such that I can tie both systems into either altenator if needed.

Here you can see the belt routing (excluding the new alternator) with the fan on the left. The new alternator is between the AC compressor and the power steering pump.

This is from the other side. Here you can see the belt coming across from the power steering pump and then going across the top of the fan pulley and then down to the crankshaft pulley. Note that the fan is driven with the back side of the serpentine belt.
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